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Trainingskonzept Sprachunterricht Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf

Our Training concept

Our Training concept

Training concept

Effective learning while having fun is our motto.

Convince yourself by getting to know our well thought out learning concept: quality courses in an enjoyable learning environment.

We continually strive to improve to not only better meet our customers´ requests, but to constantly challenge ourselves.

Our Trainers

Our qualified native speakers are specially trained through our internal training seminars in order to support the participants in accordance with our learning concept: professional and engaged learning in a relaxed learning atmosphere.

You will find motivated trainers at Sprachcaffe that ideally support you while having fun in the classroom.

The Learning Environment

We understand that a pleasant environment is necessary for one to feel at home. We do not only focus on didactics and explanations, practice and repetition, but on learning with all of our senses in a positive learning environment.

This is why we strive to embed learning in a comfortable ambience in all of our rooms, gardens and our sunny porch.

Our System to Success

We create your individual training program that caters to the areas which you wish to improve.

After setting your goals, we determine your current language level.

We can then consult you and help choose the best type of course and accommodation, if necessary.

You will receive a certificate at the end of your course which documents your achievements.

The Lessons

  • The contents of the class are suited to your needs.
  • Our trainers have a command of grammatical rules and communication in the language they teach. They are native speakers and are trained in adult education.
  • They understand, motivate and create a learning atmosphere free of anxiety and accommodate your personal learning. They take your learning difficulties into consideration and optimise the class to help you learn.
  • With the help of our trainers, you will not only talk about the language but actually use it. That is how you gain language competence!

You always stay connected

In order to help you stay in contact with your office during your language courses, our computers and fax machine are at your disposal.

Over 22 years of experience

Over the last 22 years, we have gained many regular customers who have gladly recommended us to others. This motivates us to continue developing and improving.